They stay at work for you, so please stay at home for them.

To show our support for the millions of essential workers on the frontlines of this pandemic, city skylines and communities across the U.S. and around the world will continue to transform into a beacon of blue for #LightItBlue at 8 PM local time every Thursday night. Thank you to all participants who made the April 9, 2020, launch in the US such a success!

The #LightItBlue and #MakeItBlue campaigns celebrate and honor all of the esteemed heroes risking their lives on the frontlines of the pandemic to keep citizens everywhere healthy and safer at home.

In the face of anxiety and uncertainty, this campaign will show a massive gesture of solidarity and support across the nation. The American people are standing together — even from 6 feet apart — to remain stronger than ever.

Thank You To All Those Fighting On The Frontlines Against Covid-19 Across The Country!

#LightItBlue #MakeItBlue #StayAtHome

Get Involved

How can you make a difference and get involved from home? It couldn’t be easier — just use your humor, imagination and creativity to #LightItBlue from your home.

Create: anything that is blue and spreads a message of support and positivity!
Share: using # LightIt Blue and #MakeItBlue, share your creation with your networks and challenge others to do the same! And remember to #stayathome.
Tag: tag us at the below handles, use the above hashtags, and join the global movement!

Who We Are


The #LightItBlue campaign invites businesses, venues, and communities across the country to simultaneously turn blue in support of the frontline staff and essential workers who are confronting the virus in hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential businesses throughout the US.

Building off of the campaign’s inception in the UK, this volunteer initiative has been organized by a collective of leaders from the global events and entertainment industry to help show their appreciation to those on the frontline, and #LightItBlue is soon being launched around the world.